My Honest Abeego Review – The Plastic Wrap Replacement

Hey, friends! You know I like to keep it 100% honest on this blog… so today I’m breaking down my thoughts and experience using Abeego. They did not send me the items I’ve reviewing here, I bought them with my own hard-earned cash back in April 2017 from a shop in Victoria, BC. Because I’ve been using these wraps for over half a year now, I don’t really want to show you the photos of my personal wraps… you don’t really want to see my food stains, I’m guessing. Instead I’ll be inserting photos from other Instagrams, so you can get an idea of what they look like for this honest Abeego review.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s basically beeswax wraps that are designed to be a zero waste alternative used in place of plastic wrap. In the photo below, you get an idea of how they’re used. They are also designed to be “breathable” for wrapping vegetables, sandwiches, whatever you like, really. I’ve personally used my 3 wraps (3 different sizes, in case you’re wondering) for coving bowls, wrapping sandwiches, avocados, bell peppers, leftovers, basically whatever. They claim to help certain veggies stay fresh longer than plastic wrap, because the wraps are breathable. I have no idea whether or this is true, to be honest. My veggies seem to decay at a pretty similar rate regardless.


So, let me start with the pros:

  • No waste. I haven’t bought plastic wrap in months. As someone who’s constantly trying to minimize the clutter in the house, and specifically the kitchen of late, having one less wasteful thing to buy is pretty satisfying.
  • Once you break the wraps in, they’re pretty easy to use. They can be a bit stiff at first, but that’s ok. After a couple uses they become really easy to form to any shape you need.
  • Easier to use than plastic wrap and ziplocks, once you get the hang of it. No awkward ripping the plastic wrap into some alien shape, no awkwardly washing ziplocks inside and out trying not to rip them or tossing them after use. Just grab, wrap and go. It eliminates so many steps. Yassss.
  • Cute pattern. Yes, this matters to me. I like the pretty pattern on the wraps.

And now for the cons. There’s only really one… but to be honest, it’s pretty annoying:

  • Washing the wraps.

I mean, it’s pretty straightforward how to wash them… but I’m lazy AF soo. BUT don’t get me wrong. Overall, I love love love these wraps and use them almost daily. It’s just… the Abeego’s biggest benefit – being flexible and stickable, is also it’s annoying factor. With a Tupperware, for example (another zero waste food saver), the shape is hard and fixed. You can hold it in your hand and wash it easily. With Abeego wraps, you have to sort-of rest it on a hard surface, like a countertop to wipe it. No big, right? Except that if counter has any crumbs, coffee grounds or what have you, they will stick to the wrap. So you have to fully clean the counter before cleaning the wrap. #firstworldproblems

As someone who constantly overthinks every little step involved in the most simple household tasks, adding all these potential speedbumps is really stressful. Which is why hubby does the dishes, haha! For him, this whole washing thing is just simply irritating. For me it is soul crushing.

So again, I do love my wraps, and actually, the photo pictured above is the package I bought. I find amazing use for all three sizes. However. I wanted to provide a 100% honest review from my perspective. I’d love to hear what you think below, though! Have you used Abeego or a similar product? How have you overcome the challenges with similar products? I’m always looking for ways to improve my efficiency, so comment below on what’s helped you, or what has been your biggest challenge!

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