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Oh hey, friends! Who’s getting in the Christmas spirit these days? When this post goes live, we will have but 3 sleeps left until Christmas morning. Recently in Vancouver we got a pretty decent snowfall, which I was definitely into because #whiteChristmas. However I did need it to stop snowing for a bit so I could snap photos of these sneakes, and luckily it did! I was able to grab a few photos of these shoes from Bohempia, a Prague-based company, launching a line of vegan, hemp material, EU made shoes this spring. The styles are super wearable and stylish… check out their IndieGoGo campaign by clicking here to find out about their ethos and even pre-order some shoes for yourself if you like!

hemp shoes from Bohempia

grey vegan hemp sneakers from Bohempia

grey vegan hemp sneakers from Bohempia

I don’t know about you, but I love the sleek, minimal design of these sneakers. They can pair with absolutely anything, basically. These sneakers came with two colours of laces, to make wearing them even more seamless: a white pair and a grey pair that matches the colour of the shoe itself. I obviously chose the white laces.

Admittedly I haven’t worn these shoes for many hours – I received them exactly one week ago and had to get a post up pronto because, hello cute sneakers. When I have been wearing the Bohempia shoes, they’ve been very comfortable. Probably because there is a removable insole that comes with the shoe and has a very slight heel – which seems to provide a lot of cushioning.

As if comfort and style aren’t enough, Bohempia has an awesome ethos and is mindful of being socially and environmentally sustainable. According to their site, the shoes are:

  • 100% hemp uppers and gum rubber soles provide amazing comfort.
  • Orthopedic insole with arch-support and shock-absorber
  • Vulcanized one-piece rubber outsole for comfort & strength
  • No-glue upper-outsole construction
  • Produced in Czech Republic from EU-made materials
  • PETA certified VEGAN sneaker

grey vegan hemp sneakers from Bohempia

So, why hemp? Isn’t that something hippies make bracelets out of? Well, yes, but it’s also a very durable fibre, nutritious food, and… a few other things, haha! There are a few key benefits to using hemp as a material, according to the Bohempia website:

Women's Jumpsuits by People Tree
  • Hemp requires 50% less water and 95% less agrochemicals to grow than cotton
  • Growing hemp does less damage to soil and has a higher yield than cotton cultivation
  • Hemp is antimicrobial and antiseptic, which keeps your feet and skin fresh

I often think of hemp as being in a similar lane as bamboo, in a few ways. It’s underrated, has massive potential, environmentally friendly in a lot of ways, and the material that can be produced using hemp and bamboo is fantastically comfortable. What do you think? Have you tried clothing or accessories with either of these materials?

grey vegan hemp sneakers from Bohempia

Grey vegan hemp sneakers from Bohempia

Tell me what you think of these sustainably stylish, minimal/streetwear vibes shoes in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out Bohempia on IndieGoGo and their website!

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