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Hi, friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic week. Today I want to share with you an unbelievably cute brand – The World’s Corner. Full of pastel and spring coloured silk scarves, bamboo and white twine macrame wall hangings (my hipster heart is singing right now fyi), patterned coin purses and indigo-dyed material. They were kind enough to gift me a couple items to share with you all – a silk scarf and patterned coin purse (or key holder, phone holder, card holder, etc)… and I’m happy to tell you I’ve been wearing the scarf around regularly.

The World’s Corner not only makes stunning items, but has an inspiring mission: to provide minorities in South East Asia with the abilty to improve their lives through work and to share their artistic traditions. Plus, 15% of revenue from each collection goes back to the artisans. Many of those creating these designs are actually university students from more rural villages helping to pay for their studies in the city! The items they produce are made using natural elements such as hemp, indigo dye and cotton.

Beautiful silk scarf from The World's Corner
Beautiful spring silk scarf in peach from The World’s Corner


Beautifully handmade silk scarf from The World's Corner
The World’s Corner silk scarf

This scarf is so pretty. If you’ve been to my Instagram recently, you’ve likely seen a couple of photos with this beautiful peach-coloured item brightening up my feed. In fact, it sort-of inspired the colour scheme I have going on right now. How’s that for genuine love? Adding to the natural beauty of this item, it’s

“handmade by artisans from the Thai ethnic minority living in Central Vietnam using natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.”

– The World’s Corner

The World's Corner silk scarf
The beautiful fabric of one of The World’s Corner silk scarves.
The beautiful fabric of The World's Corner silk scarf
The beautiful fabric of The World’s Corner silk scarf… and one of my current favourite books.

Shop The World’s Corner Scarves ($25-$30) and grab one for yourself, or peruse the many other colors they have available!

If you want to meet one of the women who makes these silk scarves, you can also check out The World’s Corner’s blog here. And by the way, this scarf was dyed using a potato-like vegetable!

The gorgeous indigo-dyed and brocade designed coin purse from The World’s Corner.

I’m also stoked to share this adorable coin purse with you. Of course it’s super cute and functional, but it’s also dyed using true indigo dye techniques – which are fascinating. I am SO stoked to now own a coin purse containing indigo dye.

“These multipurpose coin purses are perfect to fit your phone, petty cash and/ or car keys. This [sic] unique coin purses are made by Hmong women in Sapa, Vietnam. Each bag is woven from hemp, indigo-dyed and the design is made using a technique called brocade, a technique perfected by this minority. “

– The World’s Corner

Shop the Hand Made Coin Purse ($12)

The gorgeous indigo-dyed and brocade designed coin purse from The World’s Corner.

So what do you think? Would you wear or gift these items? I know I would (clearly lol). Let me know what you think below, and what you think of using natural vegetables and plants to colour fabrics.

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