Why We Cancelled Netflix

Hey, friends. Hope your Sunday is going well! As I write this, two things that are equally life-changing have happened: 1: My space bar is acting like an ass-hole and isn’t working properly. Damn. 2: I just cancelled Netflix. Hubby and I did a little experiment back in December by going without Netflix for a couple weeks and loved it. We then signed back up for Netflix for a couple months so we could finish up a few shows and see if we truly wanted to cancel the service. And yeah, we truly want to cancel it.

I have notoriously restless sleep. I toss and turn all night, often sleep talk and sleep walk, wake my husband up, and, more frequently than not, get horrible nightmares that wake me up in the middle of the night or, at the very least, disturb my sleep even more than it already was. When we got rid of Netflix the first time, I noticed I slept a lot better… likely because instead of watching a show and stimulating myself even more before bed, I would generally turn on a candle, have a hot drink, and read a book or listen to some chill music. When we have Netflix, I just don’t have the willpower to pull myself away from my shows. So I’m anticipating much better sleep coming up. Let’s hope it lasts.

The other reason we chose to remove the streaming service from our lives is that, in the modern world, there are already way too many distractions and things to clutter your mind. Lately we’ve been trying to reduce clutter in our home and in life, so this was just one more thing that needed to go.

I’m wondering how many of my readers abstain from particular popular media on purpose, and what your reasoning is? I know there are people who detach completely from social media, smartphones, TV, and various other modern normalities. I have, at times, done stints of staying off Facebook for lent, but that was almost four years ago now, I think. For me, it was never a sustainable thing. I’d love you to share your experiences below if you’re someone who either brazenly consumes any media they want, or someone who chooses to stay off certain media.

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