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  1. April;
    First of all thanks a lot for your comment on wordpress post, Kick start your commenting from where I found your this wonderful blog, Yes, it is really cool, enjoyable and very nice blog and through your sweet writing and stunnig images doing wonderful work.
    Keep it up the good work you are doing.
    Wishing you all the best……………………

  2. Hey April! It’s Paige from Without Remorse! I wanted to let you know I have put up a few more collections on my site and I know you loved some of my things before so I thought you might want to see my new stuff 🙂 Also I’m just super excited about it 🙂

    PS: love reading your blog! I get excited when the email updates come in!

    1. Oh thank you so much! for both the update and the compliment haha that means a lot that you like what I write!
      I’ll certainly Check out your new stuff.
      I’m even thinking that (once my husband agrees to let me buy more stuff ahaha) that I will order some earrings or something and do a post cuz honestly I’m so obsessed!

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