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Welcome here! I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

The Honest Root was born out of a challenge and the desire to make a change in the lives of others and myself. In April 2014 I decided to commit myself to buying only “ethical” products, and gave myself until the end of 2016 to accomplish this (still haven’t accomplished everything, but getting there!), because I felt that setting a time limit for myself and publicly announcing it was the only way to give myself enough pressure and momentum to actually get on task and change my habits. I originally announced my decision on my personal blog, but later decided to start The Honest Root in order to make publishing and sharing easier. What I originally posted on my personal blog still rings so true:

“Over the last couple years I have come to realize that much of what I buy has been produced via means that required cruelty to humans or animals. Knowingly buying from these sources kind-of indirectly states that I have more of a right to ease or comfort than the other person or animal does, since it was their sacrifice that made it possible for me to purchase that product. I obviously don’t believe that my life is worth more than someone else’s, and would never stand there and force someone to build me a phone, knit me a sweater or grow up in a cage, so I don’t think I should pay companies to force people on my behalf.

SO, this is my public commitment to buying only products I know to be ethical or helpful in some way by the end of 2016.

I think that where we put our dollars is a very good way to leverage companies to be more ethical/helpful to the planet and people, so I’m committing to buying things that fall into the “ethical/helpful” category somehow… I want my money to support goodness where possible.”

Cut to the birth of this blog in January 2015. I have been plugging away at buying ethically for about nine months, and have quickly realised that slogging through internet info pages and figuring out which labels are being honest about their practices is no easy task, and one that may take longer than 2.5 years to complete. However, I will keep trying my best for as long as it takes, and I hope you can find some inspiration and join in with me.

And to you, the reader of this blog, thank you. Thank you for caring about making the world a better place. Seriously. We need to leave a more reliable and stable planet for our children and their children, and the children living halfway across the world. I believe that together if we all get on board at least a little, this change is possible over time. So thank you for reading my blog and doing your part.

Also, thank you to all of my friends and family who have encouraged, helped, critiqued and collaborated with me. Thank you for telling me I can do it and coming along side me to help make a change. Thank you for confronting me when I’m not doing my best and encouraging me to keep going. Thank you for supporting me and putting up with the not-so-wonderful versions of me. Thank you for investing in me and then setting me out on my own when I’m ready. This blog is as much a product of all of you as it is a product of myself. You’re all making it happen, I’m just putting it into words.

And last but not least, thank you to Jesus for setting an example of unconditional respect, care and love for those in need and those with plenty. We all need grace, regardless of who we are and what we have or have not done.


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