Why We Cancelled Netflix

Hey, friends. Hope your Sunday is going well! As I write this, two things that are equally life-changing have happened: 1: My space bar is acting like an ass-hole and isn’t working properly. Damn. 2: I just cancelled Netflix. Hubby and I did a little experiment┬áback in December by going without Netflix for a couple… Read More Why We Cancelled Netflix


The Year of “Conscious” | A Guest Post

Hey, friends! 2018 is well under way and, as we draw to the end of January, it’s worth checking in with ourselves. What direction is this year taking? I’m not talking about “resolutions” – I didn’t even set any because I know I always break them within a week or two. However, being mindful of… Read More The Year of “Conscious” | A Guest Post


Eco OOTD | Chic Made Consciously

Hello, friends! Hope your week is going swimmingly. As I write this, I am sitting in my journalism class, watching clips of different reporters and journalists that my prof has chosen to showcase the different types of writing and reporting. Interestingly enough, he keeps mentioning that blogs have become a common source of news for… Read More Eco OOTD | Chic Made Consciously